My fun experience with Scan, Inc.

Looking through sites on Google Ventures, I came across a company called Scan, Inc. I then went to their site, read up on them, and immediately LOVED what they were doing. I downloaded the app and looked into everything they were doing and knew that I wanted to work with them. 

However, I noticed that they didn’t have a Google+ presence. I went ahead and e-mailed their career e-mail, sending them a social network badge for Google+. I had figured that since they were backed by Google Ventures, they should have a presence that Google could easily see.

They agreed.

I got an e-mail from their CEO Garrett Gee that same night. He loved the idea and wanted to work with me on it. We talked on the phone the next week about my thoughts on this, and I also got to know even more about his venture. A week later I started my work in building up the scan Google+ page.

I started by building a nice foundation, posting a lot of research on them as well as other articles that related to QR Codes. I even went as far as finding other posts and posting about those, giving +1’s all around and simply getting them out there. I ended my 2 weeks with them with a Public Google Hangout where I convinced Garrett to answer an hour worth of questions from people who just wanted to talk to a successful CEO of a startup. 

In the end, I am extremely pleased with the experience and I am glad to have made a new friend.


Facebook, the overly social network.

As most of you know, a few months ago I tried deactivating Facebook. The day I saw New Myspace was the day I decided there were too many social networks, and I needed to cut some off. However, Facebook is not easily defeated.

Now, when facebook first came out, I was all for it, I thought it was the coolest thing ever and loved the fact that it was only for college students. As time went on and it grew and grew, I liked it less and less. At first it was easy to control who saw what, but as more people joined, it got less easier to do this. Facebook changed its privacy settings over and over and allowed you to do more, than less, then more again, but you had to keep on top of it.

But Facebook gives a fantastic lesson in Internet Etiquette. It shows you to think about what you post on the internet because everyone can see it.

Other features from Facebook arose, such as events, games, groups, pages, etc. Facebook began to be used by businesses because they felt that they needed to go to where the people are, a noble venture, however, my findings have deterred this.

Facebook should not be used for official business, it should be spared for personal use only.

This is what it was made for. They have presented this flat out by introducing Time Line. Time Line allows you to fill in your personal life, from births, to graduations, to weddings, and so on. Your friends should be able to track the public things you want them to see easily, Post comments, Pictures, Videos, Etc.

Going back to the business side, yes, Facebook has the functionality to be able to have business pages, however, I don’t think that this is the right outlet. Businesses can have fan pages, yes, but they should not conduct business transactions or send out official messages through Facebook. This is what personal websites are for and if you are a business owner and you don’t know how to make a personal website, there are perfectly capable Graphic Designers out there who have learned how to do just that and can definitely help you. (Yes, I am biassed with this last comment, but it is still true.)

In the end, Facebook is the biggest social network. In my opinion, it can sometimes be overly social, but this is coming from an introvert. For all you extroverted social butterflies, carry on with your Facebook endeavor, however, note that the information you will gather from Facebook will over half the time not be worth your time. I have talked to several people who spend too much time on facebook and at the end hate that they have wasted so much time. Facebook should be a tool to find out about the people around you, not to stalk them. Use it for what you need it for, and then carry on. Spend your time learning things worth learning (unless you are in an overly social line of work, such as communication or marketing)

Social Networks and their Purposes

For the past few months I have been studying various social networks and their purpose, impact, and usefulness on society. I have paid careful attention to the perks and issues presented in what I call the Big Six. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, LinkedIN, Google+.

This investigation started with the release of New Myspace. When I realized that it actually looked good, I knew that people would soon have to make a decision on their social network loyalties. However, i’ve found that the choice on whether or not to use certain social networks over others should not be a critical as shutting down use of one network to use another, but more to the point of using each network for it’s intended purpose (or a purpose that you assign to it.). A friend of mine always says “There is a right tool for every purpose.”

My reviews will be as follows:

Day 1: Facebook
Day 2: Twitter
Day 3:
Day 4:
Myspace/New Myspace
Day 5:
Day 6:
Day 7:
Misc. (ie. SoundTracking, Foursquare, Reddit, etc.)
Day 8:

A new beginning…

It’s 1:19am on a Friday. 

I could be asleep in my bed getting ready for work tomorrow, however, as most of you know, the Lord has blessed me with the power of unemployment. But not in the bad way the lands me unshaven and in my sweats all the time. No no no, when I say Blessed, I mean it. My wife has a great job and she is for lack of a better word, my Sugar Mama right now. 

So the opportunity I have now is for happiness. I walked around the Google campus the other day and entered a lobby with a slide. 

*Pause for effect*


That does something to a man seeing something like that. I don’t want to work somewhere where I am bored out of my mind and want to leave! I want to work somewhere fun! Doing something I LOVE doing!

After speaking to my new friend, (we will again call him Tom Selleck following my Google+ recap post) I got a few good leads on what to do next. 

Now it is time to start brain storming as to what I need to do next.

I know that everyone is expecting great things out of me, and I owe it to all of you, myself, my wife, and above all the Lord my God who has given me this time, to be the best I can be and do whatever it takes!





Bed time…

Super Nintendo Entertainment Center Revived!

I recently hacked my iPad, as you may have seen from viewing my twitter, however it was not apparent why I went on this rampage through hacker-space.

I was recently helping my wife set up her HP Touchpad which we had earlier hacked to run Cyanogen’s version of Android’s Ice Cream Sanwhich (shout out to Steve Mojica for the setup), and I had remembered something I wanted her to play. I had earlier been talking about the game Megaman Battle Network in response to the attack on Verizon, and She had no idea what I was talking about, so I decided to download a GBA Emulator and the ROM for the game onto her Touchpad (I do own the game, however… I don’t want her to erase my save file)

As I loaded up her Touchpad, I realized… I want this ability… I was jealous. My iPad didn’t have Nintendo Emulators on it… but I WANTED THEM.

So I looked into Jailbreaking my iPad with Absinthe and a few hours later, I had the Cydiastore and about 10 queued up downloads.

As I downloaded the SNES emulator, I noticed something interesting, it had a setting for Wiimote…

So, I picked up my WiiMote of the shelf, pressed 1 & 2 like the screen told me, and BAM! I had the BEST DEVICE I COULD EVER HAVE DREAMED OF!

I was so excited, I started showing everyone, I tried all sorts of cool things, like hooking it up to my TV and playing it on a big screen, and it was brilliant because it was only one cable as opposed to dragging out my Super Nintendo and plugging all that junk in.

Then I decided to look into using wiimotes on a touchpad, because why not share this with all tablets right!?

So I searched online, found the apps I needed (WiiMote Controller which is right there in the app store, and runs with any emulator) and bam! Everyone was having fun!

If you don’t already have this ability, I suggest you do it! The nostalgia is amazing! Just hearing the tune for Zelda Links awakening or Donkey Kong Country just floods back memories!

My Review of Google Music

First of all, I LOVE IT! However, it needs some work.

What I love about it

  • Having access to all my music virtually anywhere is amazing!
  • Being able to only have to change the name of a track once and it be changed everywhere, amazing for organization.
  • Being able to listen to my music on my phone without it taking up space, great!
  • Automatic upload of all the music I put on my home computer, fantastic!
  • Being able to instantly share the new music I buy on G+ is an awesome share feature.
  • 20,000GB of FREE space, SO GREAT!
  • Getting a ton of free music based on the Genre’s you say you like, HUZZAH!

  • The player and over all look of the site and it’s functionality of being an online music player, SO great.

Where it could use some work (wishes)

  • It would be great to be able to download the songs from anywhere, like to my phone so I could set it as a ringtone.
  • Being able to upload songs from any computer, possibly by dragging and dropping would be ever so nice.
  • Being able to share reviews of uploaded tracks to G+ would also benefit the social aspect.
  • The ability to play tracks when offline on the web side could be helpful also, for things such as my ‘Office Appropriate’ playlist so I’m not always streaming.

I have a feeling that GM being so new is the only reason these last 4 features have yet to be added. At the moment I know that at least two of those options are available on Amazon’s Cloud. But I guess that is one of the differences, Google Music is not as much of a Cloud as it is a player. To put it simply, it’s not really a music storage but more a place to let you listen to your music from anywhere.

Keep up the work Google! You’re heading in a fantastic direction!

Hipsters need to step it up

The other day I was talking with Sheley about the hipsters and how they will most likely be in our history books for this time period, much like the hippies.

I disagreed.

I’m not a hippy historian or anything, I don’t really care what they did, however, I realize that they have a reason for being in our history books. They protested, and refused to fight in wars, came up with new music, introduced headbands into the world and came up with cool slogans like “Peace”.

Hipsters dress interestingly… thats it… they have done nothing to challenge the system nor have they in any way possible helped our country do anything. They need to step it up before they are allowed to make the history books, otherwise they will be forgotten.

Batman Doodle

Your sad ipod.




I got on the plane to Vegas and behind me, I heard my teammate talking to the girl she was sitting next to. So I dropped some eaves and realized that the girl was in a band that was on tour. I listened intently for the name and decided I should look it up. I went to iTunes on my phone, found the band and I felt I needed to make a good story happen. So I bought one of their albums. While it was downloading, I Googled the band and found the Wikipedia page. The band was Winds of Plague, a death metal band that I hadn’t heard of, but they are the first band to have used symphonics in their music. I realized that this girl was not lying, she was Alana, the Keyboardist for the band. I went ahead and passed my headphones back to my teammate Meagan to let her hear the girl she was talking to. Meagan handed the headphones to Alana and I watched as the keyboardists eyes lit up as she realized she was sitting near a fan.
“YOU LIKE MY BAND!” she exclaimed. I nodded and smiled and asked “You’re the keyboardist right?” She threw up a rock fist and did a slight head bang for me and grinned ear to ear. When the plane landed I asked her to take a picture with me and she was only too happy to do so. Just one example of how I committed, made her day and got a great story out of it.